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Pipeline Research Limited offers a design and simulation service for pipelines and pigging. These models enable more efficient pig design, safer passage of pigs through pipelines and provide innovative solutions to the challenges that face pipeline and pig users today.

Our involvement in pigging is mainly from a specialist viewpoint. However, we also cover more standard issues such as pipeline design, fluid flow, feasibility studies, operations and procedures. The aim is to approach the subject in a scientific manner, with models, observation and analysis providing insight into the motion and function of the pig, see Software.

We hope that you will find this website informative. The following pages will give you an insight into what we do, and design and consultancy service we offer:-

  • About Us, our experience over the years and what we can offer today;

  • Projects, the current projects we are working on;

  • Resources, general information on pig design and simulation methods;

  • Case Studies, applications of design techniques and simulation models;

  • Concepts, new ideas for possible use in pigging problems.

Your views and comments would be appreciated on both the website layout and the content, see Contact Us .

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Pigging plays an important role in assuring the continuity of pipeline throughput. Pigs are used to dewax and remove debris from pipelines. They can be used to remove liquids that build up in gas lines for example. This helps to reduce the pressure drop over the line and maintain production.

However, it is important that pigs are efficient, do their job properly and do not get stuck in the line. It was once enough that the pigs made it through the line, now the emphasis is on making the pigs perform efficiently. This can be achieved by proper pig design and correct pigging procedures. Progressive cleaning with the right pigs can help to maintain the cleanliness of pipelines. Dual- and Multi-diameter pigs can be designed to cope with changes in line diameter. With the correct design, pigs should no longer get stuck in the line and still perform their function effectively. More information can be found in Resources.

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Pipeline Research Limited offers a comprehensive design and consultancy service in Pipeline Pigging for commissioning and operations:-

  • Pig and Seal Design, Development and Research;
  • Modelling and software development, Software;

  • Feasibility studies, investigations and assessment;

  • Pigging Procedures and methods;

  • Pipeline design for pigging;

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics;

  • Project Management.

If you think we can help you or if you have something specific to say or general comment to make on pigging, then Contact Us .

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Design of a novel seal to enhance pig velocity control in gas pipelines




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