Pipeline Research Limited has been involved in a number of exciting projects over the years. Projects include pigging dynamics in gas pipelines, development of dual and multi-diameter pipes and feasibility studies.

Dual Diameter Pig Testing with Gas

Pipeline Research was involved in nitrogen testing of the pig motion and integrity of a 9-inch x 16-...

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Åsgard Operational 28″ x 42″ Pig Development – Statoil

The 42″ Asgard Transport pipeline runs some 684km from Asgard B Platform to the landfall site ...

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Norne Heidrun 10″ x 16″ Pig Development

The Norne Heidrun pipeline runs 160km from Norne to Heidrun in a flow bundle. Initially, the pig...

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Gullfaks Gas Export Phase II 11″ X 12″ X 14″ Pig

The Gullfaks Satellites Phase II pig development was a fast track Multidiameter pig development for ...

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Kvitebjørn Pig Feasibility Study

Study into the feasibility of using dual-diameter pigs to pre-commission the planned Kvitebjørn pip...

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