Understanding Pipeline Pigging

Pipeline Research Limited offers a design, development and simulation service for pipelines and pigging. This allows a better understanding of pigging, safer passage of pigs through pipelines and innovative solutions for the challenges that face pipeline operators and pig users today.

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Flow Assurance

Pigging plays an important role in assuring the flow of oil and gas. Pigs are used to dewax and remove debris from pipelines. They can be used to remove liquids that build up in gas lines for example. This helps to reduce the pressure drop over the line and maintain production. It is important that pigs are efficient, do their job properly and do not cause problems.

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Pig used to remove 300m³ of wax from 8-inch condensate line in a single pass.
Output from PIGLAB simulation program showing pig velocity excursion in gas pipleine at an obstruction


Pipeline Research Limited offers a comprehensive design and consultancy service in Pipeline Pigging for pre-commissioning, flow assurance and operations:

  • Pig and Seal Design, Development and Research
  • Pig Testing and verification
  • Modelling and software development, Software
  • Feasibility studies, investigations and assessment
  • Pigging Procedures and methods
  • Pipeline design for pigging
  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics and two-phase flow
  • Project Management
  • Expert Witnessing
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